First Birthday Luau

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If your in the mood for tropical deets decked out in glam then this First Birthday Luau by Quintina Ricks of Flare Event Design, out of Baton Rouge, LA is sure to please!

Filled with elements bright and fun, this celebration is packed with tropical details you have to see!

So sway your hips and take a look and be sure to check out these favorite ideas as you do:

  • Tropical Balloon Garlands + Runners
  • Gold Pineapple Cups
  • Candy Apple Hedge Backdrop
  • Tropical Luau Cake
  • Pink Flamingo Gable Boxes

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Top 30 New Years Party Ideas

Whether you are celebrating with just your little family or inviting the whole neighborhood, New Year’s Eve is a time to party! Plus, it won’t be for another ten, yes 10 years, that we will get to celebrate a new decade. So why not live it up? We’ve got a collection of the Top 30 […]

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Tricks or Treats

Halloween is three weeks away, can you believe it?! It is such a strange holiday that people often have strong opinions about, and this year we are on team ‘happy’ Halloween and wanted to share some last-minute tricks and treats ideas to inspire you to make something fun and get your creative juices flowing.

There are also well over sixty (!!) different costume ideas in our archives if you are looking for something unique and DIY for those upcoming kid’s costume parties! Check them out here.

Oh Happy Halloween | Oh Happy Day

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3 Sensational Soups for You!

As the weather shifts cooler, I transition to soup making; totally my favorite. Read on for three approachable and delicious recipes. I have made these soup recipes so many times, I feel like I could make them blindfolded.

Sensational Soups | Oh Happy Day

The winning story of all of these soups is threefold. One, they are adaptable to make meatless, or even vegan if you want. Second, my kids (the fiercest critics) enjoy them, and others ask for the recipes whenever they have a bowl. Lastly, most of the ingredients you can have stocked in your pantry or freezer, and you will be almost good to go whenever you want to make them. One of my tips for arriving guests is to have one of these delicious standbys simmering on the stove after their long journey, and they are all heart-eyes — something deliciously welcoming about a warm bowl of soup. What are your go-to soup recipes? I would love to hear about them!

Sensational Soups | Oh Happy Day

1 – White Bean Turkey Chili. This recipe is quick to make and delicious. The toppings added at the end (especially with lots of limes) elevate this soup to the next level! Ellie Krieger has an incredible knack of making healthy food taste amazing, and I love many of her other recipes too.

2 – Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup. This soup had me at the lemons. My kids beg me to make this one all the time, and it is an excellent alternative to mix it up from chicken noodle.

3 – Instant Pot Creamy Mexican Chicken Soup. A newer one of our soup favorites, yet since I found this one several months ago no joke I have probably made it ten times, and no one is tired of it yet! Give me a soup recipe that can transform frozen ingredients into an incredibly creamy and healthy soup in a pressure cooker in no time, definitely a win-win! With a few food sensitivities in our family, Danielle Walker has been my go-to girl lately, and her most recent book is fantastic. A tip for this recipe is to try different tomatillo salsas, I like to look for ones with clean ingredients, and I have also made homemade tomatillo salsa which is the best!

Chic Paris Party

Historic Junior League of Memphis Building - Venue from a Chic Paris Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (7)

Je suis amoureux with this Chic Paris Party by Ashley Washington, out of Memphis, TN!

Filled with beautiful pink blooms and classic chic decor, this celebration is one charming event to explore!

So off you go to attend this elegant affair, but be sure to stop off at these details that are a favorite flair:

  • Gold Eiffel Tower Cake
  • Parisian Party Invite
  • Floral Eiffel Tower Install
  • Elegant Pink Linens
  • Cascading Balloon Installs + Garlands
  • Parisian-inspired Paint + Art Tables

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Lavish Baby Sprinkle

"baby" - Cookie from a Lavish Baby Sprinkle on Kara's Party Ideas | (34)

If you are looking for a party you won’t forget, get ready!  This Lavish Baby Sprinkle by Kyree Harvey of Miss Kyree Loves will have you swooning and cooing in an instant!

Overflowing with gorgeous blooms and a whole lotta sweet details, this event is certain to please!

So scroll down, do not wait and be sure to check out these amazing party ideas + elements along the way:

  • Baby Themed Sugar Cookies
  • Gorgeous Grazing Table
  • Quilt & Pillow Seating
  • Flower-topped Naked Cake
  • White Plates paired with Gold Flatware
  • Cane Drink + Beverage Stand
  • Baby Sprinkle – Baby Block Sign
  • Color-coordinated Balloon Install

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Fall Senses

Have you seen the fall foliage prediction map to know where the best fall colors are in the country? There is something so breathtaking about the change of colors and jumping in leaves! Here are a few things inspired by fall colors and our senses!


TASTE: This dish looks as beautiful as it does tasty.

WEAR: The color combination of this ensemble is spot-on. Get a similar look with this long-sleeve tee, for less!

READ: What are you reading lately? I am pursuing this and this. This image from the fall campaign of Frances Valentine is so good!

WARM: This sweater looks cozy and cute, and I am loving this tea to keep warm.

Happy Habits: Managing Your Money

We are continuing the conversation about Happy Habits we talked about on this post. What ways do you establish money systems to make life easier? With the end of the year in-sight and the holidays just around the corner, money can get tight, and talking about it with your partner even trickier, but it is worth it and will help your peace of mind. Here are a few things that have helped immensely and if you plan it out just a little, treat yo’ self!

Happy Habits: Managing Your Money | Oh Happy Day

1 – Have a budget and track your money. Knowing where your hard-earned money is going is half the battle. Everyone has their unique way to deal with cash, but figure out what your style is and be consistent! I am a big fan of having a budget and YNAB has been my favorite method to use for several years. Mint is also a great option for tracking your money.

2 – Make it easy and automate your money. Have a reserve fund for life things that just come up! Acorns is an option I have heard great things about to invest your spare change or set up an auto-pay from your paycheck that immediately goes to a Reserve Savings Account that you only touch for emergencies.

3 – Have a retirement plan of some sort, any sort. If your company has a retirement plan, consider yourself super duper lucky and enroll and max out their matches for free money! If you are self-employed, set up an IRA or another investment fund. Betterment and Wealthfront are some options. I have used Betterment for a long time, but find one that works well for your needs.


Here are some tips regarding money that have improved our family’s financial relationship.

A – Be transparent. Tell your partner about the fancy expensive shoes you want, or whatever it is you like to spend $ on and figure out a way to make it happen together. One thought is to establish a threshold (like $50, $100, or more) to discuss together those more significant purchases.

B – Have a financial check-in. Each week (usually for 5 minutes or less), we talk about our money goals, what is going on with our cash flow, and anything we need to reevaluate, be transparent with or add to the save list. Find a time and rhythm for whatever works best for your relationship and put it on the calendar like a work meeting. When you are living on your own, a money check-in meeting with yourself is a great idea to do as well.

C – Individual fun money. While we were in college, we started with just $5 each per month to spend or save on whatever we wanted (the amount has varied over the years), but it is one of the best money things hands down we have done for our money relationship ever. If there is something we want individually, we save, and save, and use cash. Do this when you are single too, it is important to pay yourself, even if it only starts with a few dollars.

I would love to hear your method for having money systems. Share in the comments!

(from top left, clockwise) Coin Clutch, Fruit PouchCard Case, Moon Wallet, a few more herehereherehere

Nutcracker Birthday Party

White Flocked Tree from a Nutcracker Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (7)

Sugarplum Fairies dance your way in, this Nutcracker Birthday Party by Stephanie Silveira of Luc & Lilah Events, out of Coastal Massachusetts, is filled with whimsy and wonder within!

…From the yummy treats and eats to the Nutcracker decor, this holiday celebration is a dream, to be sure!

So call upon your soldiers and get them ready, the following favorite party elements are sure and steady:

  • Adorably Boxed  Nutcracker Party Invite
  • Flocked White Tree
  • Darling Sugarplum + Nutcracker Cookies
  • Evergreen Sprig + Pom Pom Garland Runner
  • Scripted Parchment Paper Wall + Platters
  • Faux Snow-sprinkled Party Table
  • Assorted Nutcracker Decorations

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Girly Elmo Birthday Party

Custom Balloon Post Sesame Street Sign from a Girly Elmo Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (18)

“Lalalala lalalala Elmo’s World!”…You’re sure to sing and dance over this Girly Elmo Birthday Party by Alissa Hussey Productions, out of Los Angeles/CA/USA!

Filled with Sesame Street fun for the young and old, this birthday bash is packed with Elmo-tastic party ideas!

So grab your friends and come along and be sure to spot these included, exciting details:

  • Elmo Themed Birthday Cake
  • Custom Pink Sesame Street Post Sign 
  • Block Letter Name Sign
  • Elmo Balloon Garlands
  • Picnic Activity Tables with Jumbo Balloons and Tassels

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