Vintage Travel + Hot Air Balloon Party

Hot Air Balloon + Map Cake from a Vintage Travel + Hot Air Balloon Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (25)

Whether you decide to float or fly, this Vintage Travel + Hot Air Balloon Party by Aimee Dunne, out of London, is sure to make you sigh!

Filled with custom signage, delectable treats and fabulous balloon decor, this first birthday celebration is sensational!

So up up and away you go, but be sure to check out these favorite details before you go:

  • Hot Air Balloon Map Cake
  • Vintage Airplane Cupcakes + Toppers
  • Balloon Hot Air Balloon 
  • Jumbo Globe Balloons
  • Cute Hot Air Balloon + Travel Signage

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Japanese Cherry Blossoms & Kokeshi Dolls Birthday Party

Japanese Cherry Blossom Cake from a Japanese Cherry Blossoms & Kokeshi Dolls Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (6)

Searching for a cute first birthday party theme? Take a look at this Japanese Cherry Blossoms & Kokeshi Dolls Birthday Party by Minnie Lim of Party Divas, out of Quezon City, Philippines!

Stacked and packed with details so cute, this celebration is both whimsical and sweet!

Favorite party elements include:

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Cake
  • Kokeshi Doll Cookies
  • Paper Crane Ceiling Garland
  • Kokeshi Doll Standees
  • Cherry Blossom Photo Booth + Backdrop

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New Year’s Eve Roaring Twenties Party

It’s almost a new decade!! Cue the countdowns and lists of everything good, interesting, unique, and odd that has happened in the last 10 years. As for us at Kara’s Party Ideas, we are excited to welcome the new decade in with a New Year’s Eve Roaring Twenties Party complete with art deco-inspired decor, decorations, and […]

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Flower Fixation

Flowers in all their unique forms are something I could stare at all day long. I get excited about seeing them used in fresh ways and have noticed a trend in the most beautiful abstract and airy installations for events and parties. Here are some of my favorites ideas from around the web and Oh Happy Day archives.

Flowers | Oh Happy Day

Flower Fixation | Oh Happy Day

Flowers | Oh Happy Day

Flowers | Oh Happy Day

Flowers | Oh Happy Day

1 – Polish Chandelier | 2 – Classic Polish Chandelier | 3 – Hanging Flowers | 4 – Geometric Floral Pendants | 5 – Flowers in Cookies | 6 – Hydrangea Flower Popcorn | 7 – Flower Lollipops | 8 – Paper Flowers | 9 – Flowers and Streamers | 10 – Ethereal Hanging Flowers

Have a Gift Stash!

Have you or your kids ever received a last-minute invite to a kid’s birthday party and were in a scramble to get a gift fast?! That happened to me recently, and I want to be gift-ready next time! Here are some gift ideas (around $30 or less) to have tucked away in a closet, or drawer somewhere for the next time you are in a pinch.

Gift Stash | Oh Happy Day

1. Wouldn’t this Strawberry make the cutest gift?

2. Give the gift of learning their ABC’s in a stylish way, hooray!

3. Supporting Bravery magazine that promotes strong female role models. Yes!

4. These geometric coloring crayons are so fresh and fun.

5. Beautiful puzzles are a definite win-win. 

6. This floating origami boat is perfect for little ones, and bath safe.

7. Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen (such a great team) came out with Circle, Square, and Triangle and they would be a fantastic set to share.

8. This pop-up book looks impressive! You’ve got to see this inspiring video all about it.

Christmas Holiday Waffle Bar with FREE Printables!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Canon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas is coming! My house is going to be filled to the brim with family, which is fantastic! I want to make their holidays memorable. Would you believe that I can help you create a beautiful brunch table like this Waffle Bar with just a few easy steps? It’s true! You see, I have a few hacks that make styling parties SO much easier.

The Canon PIXMA TS8320 is one of those easy-to-own and easy-to-use items that I use on almost every event to add a little style and flair. Read through this article and see the Christmas Holiday Waffle Bar with FREE Printables. Plus, I will talk about all the other easy ways to make your event look professional!

Christmas Holiday Waffle Bar with FREE Printables!

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Colorful Seaside Birthday Party

Under the Sea Swimming Shark Cake from a Colorful Seaside Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (25)

Suit up and splash into this Colorful Seaside Birthday Party by Alissa Hussey Productions, out of Manhattan Beach California!

Sand-packed with beach-front fun, this bright joint birthday celebration is a wave you won’t want to miss!

So hop on your surf board and paddle out and check out these fab party ideas:

  • Sand Castle Happy Birthday Sign
  • Sea Themed Birthday Cakes
  • Color-coordinated Candy Buckets
  • Surf Board Cookies
  • Beach Umbrellas with Chairs
  • Rainbow Balloon Columns

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Happy Habits: Tips for Getting Stuff Done

I recently finished listening to the audiobook Atomic Habits by James Clear, and it is such a brilliant book! Have you read or listened to it yet? It shares tons of useful tips that helped me clarify my thinking and habit process. (Spoiler alert! It focuses on establishing systems.) It is a book that I already want to read again. The last non-fiction book to resonate that much was this one, also fantastic. The book got me thinking about what systems I already have in place and which ones I can improve. With all of our incredible technology out there, I want to share practical apps that have helped me set up time management systems, and I would love to hear what works for you too!

Happy Habits | Oh Happy Day

1 – Make lists to stay organized, then execute. For digital lists and organization, (I have tried a ton!) the two digital options I keep coming back to are Todoist and TeuxDeux. Sometimes good old fashion post-its help make things happen, or paper systems work too, pick what works for you. This customizable paper looks impressive, and here is another beautiful one if you are tactile and the type to want to hold it in your hand.

2 – Timed tasking. A method that my husband and I use all the time and love is the Pomodoro Technique. It is breaking down your workday into 25-minute chunks (or whatever time increment works for you), and then you take a 5-minute break (to stand up, stretch, etc.) in between. An app we have liked for this method is Focus Keeper.

Happy Habits | Oh Happy Day

3 – Track where the time goes. The app Toggl is a simple one that helps track where the time goes while on the computer, which you can also use on your phone. If you have different projects, it is easy to switch back and forth, and it is helpful to see where your time is going for various projects and clients on the screen. It tallies the time up to see where you have been spending time all day or even all week.

4 – Build and maintain good habits. The Streaks app is a rad to-do list that encourages you to form great habits. Let’s say you want to meditate or drink eight glasses of water, or workout; this app helps you track those goals individually and has a daily running streak to help you accomplish them. It is motivating because it challenges you to keep that digital chain alive consecutively or it will reset back to zero, and you don’t want that!

What apps and time management systems do you use?

Planner Notepad | Clocks )

Pops of Pink

The Autumn colors are super beautiful, cozy and all over the place, yet pink is also showing up this year in a big way for fall, and it is super fun! We’re feeling all kinds of pops of pink today!

Pops of Pink | Oh Happy Day

1 Pink Dress | 2 Lunch in Paris | 3 Clever Gum Packaging Concept | 4 Brilliant Crayons | 5 Pink Lake | 6 Pink Elephant Chocolate Bar | 7 Pom Pom Sweater

First Birthday Luau

Luau Party Table from a First Birthday Luau on Kara's Party Ideas | (5)

If your in the mood for tropical deets decked out in glam then this First Birthday Luau by Quintina Ricks of Flare Event Design, out of Baton Rouge, LA is sure to please!

Filled with elements bright and fun, this celebration is packed with tropical details you have to see!

So sway your hips and take a look and be sure to check out these favorite ideas as you do:

  • Tropical Balloon Garlands + Runners
  • Gold Pineapple Cups
  • Candy Apple Hedge Backdrop
  • Tropical Luau Cake
  • Pink Flamingo Gable Boxes

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