Pastel Bunny Baptism Party

Pastel Bunny Baptism Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (10)

Hop into this precious Pastel Bunny Baptism Party by Carla Corona of Kristina Corona Photography, out of Miami, FL!

Filled with gorgeous greenery and dainty decor and sweets, this celebration is full of adorable ideas to hunt down!

So let your ears flop and take a jump over these darling details that follow:

  • Adorable Semi-naked Floral Bunny Cake
  • Framed Bunny Prints Backdrop
  • Carrot-inspired Strawberries
  • Cute Bunny Plates with Mini Watering Can Cups
  • Garden Box Centerpieces
  • Beautiful Balloon Install
  • Wooden Bunny Centerpieces
  • Bunny Easter Baskets

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