Under the Sea Birthday Party

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Dive deep into the ocean blue this Under the Sea Birthday Party is coming for you!

Styled by Laurie Figueroa of Trendy Events, out of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico; this celebration, with its swimming sea sweets and adorable decor is a treasure beneath the deep for sure!

So swim and sway and take a look at these amazing details that will have you hooked:

  • Under the Sea Cake
  • Bubbly Balloon Garland
  • Adorable Under the Sea Cupcakes
  • Under the Sea Cookies
  • Creature Cookie Favors

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Back to School Outfits: Part One

I almost just made a slideshow of back to school sweatpants. But in NYC our numbers have stayed low (fingers crossed) so it seems as if our kids will be starting school in some very modified form next month. So I figured I would put together my annual shopping list. If you’re new here, I have a skillset/disease where I look and look for the the most perfect items. It’s sometimes exhausting to live in my brain but the result is lots of curated items I can share.

My general shopping strategy tends to be affordable basics and neutral color palettes for clothes. Then we do more colorful items for accessories and shoes and backpacks. I splurge on good quality outerwear.


A. Colorful beanies are a staple in our house. They really make the outfit. (I also love the Uniqlo cashmere beanies but they aren’t out for the season yet.)
B. My boys have been dressing in this brown on brown tonal look. It looks so good! I’ve been buying pretty much everything I can get my hands on in this color.
C. I’m really picky about stripes and this one is solid.
D. Accidentally happened upon this colorful calendar and fell in love.
E. Fjallraven backpacks, overpriced but we still keep buying them.
F. I look for the slim fit chinos and but several. (My kids don’t wear many jeans.)
G. I love Vejas. It’s like the French version of the Converse.


A. These are a MUST because half the time we’re going to be doing distance learning. I prefer the zoom calls remain on headphones.
B. Go Sports! Do the thing that wins the point! This is my favorite basketball! (They also make soccer balls and pretty much everything else too!)
C. These are low maintenance no-wrinkle shirts. I love a nice button up on a little person.
D. I used to have a backpack JUST LIKE THIS. It still holds up.
E. This notepad comes with built in pencils!
F. More slim fit chinos. My kids roll them up with the no sock look.
G. Tie-dye socks. Cause its 2020 and they’re having a moment.
H. Comfy sports shoes!


A. Dennis the Menace vibez.
B. My kids have figured out whenever they wear these spinny hats people give them candy.
C. Darts! They seem safe, what could go wrong?
D. Cute lighting graphic tee!
E. This long sleeve shirt is great for layering and faded to perfection.
F. Shorts while the warm weather lasts.
G. I bought this hilarious nose pencil sharpener for my kids and they’re obsessed.
H. My oldest kids are old enough to easily tie their shoes but I swear its sometimes nice to be able just have some slip ons for crazy mornings where you got to get out of the house quick.


A. Chambray shirt!
B. We usually give our kids a pencil case with personalized pencils (see the next item) at breakfast on their first day of school.
C. Personalized Pencils are my favorite tradition. Here is my favorite source. (The website is annoying but they ship very quick!)
D. I discovered this tiffin brand while traveling in Thailand and bought one for each kid for lunch boxes. They’re really great and stack easy and come in a ton of colors.
E. Quilted backpacks! These are so cool.
F. My kids have been super into chess so I bought this set and it is GORGEOUS! On sale!
G. I buy these slim fit pants in bulk.
H. My favorite alarm clock!
I. Classic high tops. They look so good with pretty much every outfit.


A. Their friend Marlowe always shows up wearing this cool neon hat.
B. Remember before when I said I keep buying clothes in this color!
C. Hang Loose – I love a simple tee.
D. I like my backpacks colorful to distract from all the homework.
E. Our favorite water bottles.
F. I love how these pants hang–I got the kids a few pairs.
G. More tie-dye. More problems.
H. Birks! while the weather lasts.


A. I LOVE a red beanie.
B. Another back to school tradition we have is iron on letters. The kids get to pick what they want their sweatshirts to say. Mine is going to say GO JOE + KAMALA.
C. My kids love these vintage throw back games.
D. We usually buy a few basics like this for layering.
E. Penny Boards are so cute and come in so many good colors.
F. I’ve seen a bunch of brands make a waterproof-ish short. I really like them!
G. I love these simple velcro shoes.


A. It’s a SIGN!
B. I love shirts like this that are *slightly* fancier than a t shirt.
C. This backpack is a cutie.
D. Record Player – My kids have been collecting records. It’s fun to go to the store to pick out a new one.
E. I love the cut of these plaid pants.
F. My kids JUST discovered Hamilton and this has been on repeat all summer.
G. Stan Smith Adidas are so cute. Love the velcro version for my youngest.

Stay tuned for Part Two.

Vintage Baseball + The Sandlot Birthday Party

Baseball Themed Dessert Table from a Vintage Baseball + The Sandlot Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (8)

Step to the plate and put up that bat this Vintage Baseball + The Sandlot Birthday Party by Christine Cignarella of Diapers & Decor, out of Sparta, NJ, will knock you out flat!

Featuring an array of darling detailing…from bunting to balloons, this celebration is a hit out of the park!

So get the crowd roaring, stomp those feet and be sure to cheer on these included home-run details:

  • The Cutest Baseball-inspired Birthday Cake
  • Patriotic Baseball Backdrop
  • Sandlot Signage
  • Vintage Coke Crates
  • Baseball Pennant Banners + Flags
  • Balloon Garland

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Star Wars Quarantine Drive-By Birthday Party

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From a galaxy far, far away, this Star Wars Quarantine Drive-By Birthday Party has come to make your day!

Styled by Charlene of Chakoda Design, out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, this celebration, with its fab galactic decor and custom Star Wars sweets is sure to have you felling the force!

So board your fighter plane and take a dive into these elements that will make you jive:

  • Star Wars Character Props
  • Custom Star Wars Cookies
  • Light Box Star Wars Phrase Signage
  • Modern Dessert Spread
  • Galactic Balloon Garland

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Art Books I’ve Known and Loved

I love buying art books. It sounds funny, but I’m a big believer in it. When I was in my 20’s and was eating Top Ramen as a budgeting tactic I made a goal to buy one a month. Quickly I had a really beautiful collection. Design-wise they add a layer in a living room that makes people happy to be there. I love when people come over to my house and thumb through the books we have on the coffee table, it sparks conversations. I even make my kids do “book reports” on them when they try to tell me they are bored. I thought I would start a feature here with some of my favorite books.

Art Books I've Known and Loved | Oh Happy Day

1. Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists’ Enumerations from the Collections of the Smithsonian Museum

This book was recommended to me by my friend Eric Heywood (he always has the best book recommendations.) It is a compilation of lists from the Smithsonian archives of different artists. I’m a hardcore list maker, so I find this book so fascination. I love being able to see how someone’s thought process works.

2. Black Lives 1900: W.E.B. Du Bois at the Paris Exposition

This book shows the stunning hand-painted charts and graphs by the brilliant W.E.B. Du Bois showcasing the numbers Black Lives in America in 1900 (less than 40 years after Emancipation Proclamation.) They were originally on display at the Paris Exposition. This book is as beautiful as it is educational, it’s hard to convey how detailed and gorgeous each of the charts are.

3. Dorothea Lange: The Heart and Mind of a Photographer

Dorthea Lange is a Bay Area photographer. I love looking through all the old images. She was known for photographing poor or disenfranchised people. I loved this image taken at a San Francisco school just weeks before the US sent Japanese-Americans to internment camps.

We are trying new things here at Oh Happy Day. I would love to hear if you find this interesting (or not) or if you have a favorite art book to recommend.

Vintage Boho Picnic Party

Vintage Boho Picnic Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (5)

Get ready to swoon and sway over this Vintage Boho Picnic Party by Peanut Butter and Jelly, out of Surabaya, Indonesia!

Featuring strung tassels, balloons and more, this event will have you delighted, for sure!

So take a gander and be sure to look twice at these included details that are more than just nice:

  • Beautiful Boho Rainbow Cake
  • Balloon-crafted Hot Air Balloon
  • Teepee Tent Strung with Tassel Bunting
  • Pretty Pastel Balloon Installs

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Pastel Ice Cream Party

Stay Cool Ice Cream Cake from a Pastel Ice Cream Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (42)

Dive into this delectable Pastel Ice Cream Party by Tolulope Olofinbiyi of Elevate Decor, out of Potomac, Maryland!

Drizzled with sweetness both colorful and cute, this celebration is full of “two-scoop” worthy goodness!

So grab a bowl and dish up all of these adorable details that will fill you up:

  • Ice Cream Themed Cake
  • Custom Stay Cool Sign
  • Ice Cream Confetti
  • Ombre Plates
  • Pastel Pearl Balloon Install + Bouquet
  • Personalized Colorful Ghost Chairs
  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Color-ccordinated Tissue Balls

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Mood: Resting Beach Face

Summer is still in full swing and since the beach is one of the pandemic-friendly activities we’ve been taking full advantage. Here are some of my favorite beach equipment.

A. I like my sunhats big and floppy like my girls. This one is $38!

B. I found the perfect beach towel! For reals.

C. I went to this famous facialist for a few months. She recommended this sunscreen and now I buy it in bulk. It is light and special and such a pleasure to use. Trust me on this and thank me later.

D. Prettiest picnic satchel I’ve ever seen!

E. Not to be a Cathy cartoon but this chic swimsuit is the only one that doesn’t make me say “Ack!”

F. I have plans to turn my back yard into the Côte d’Azur with the perfect umbrella shade.

G. I didn’t think I would ever say a cooler was beautiful, but this one is!

H. This is my favorite sparkling wine for the beach.

I. Boys’ swimsuits are surprisingly hard to buy (they are always a little too long.) I bought these rainbow striped ones for my kids. They are currently on sale!

J. Waterproof! Portable! Tiny! Plays all the sweet tunes.

K. Obsessed with these lawn chairs. Just like my grandma used to have. They come in every color and are delightful.

Summer Birthday Jam

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Simply stunned by this Summer Birthday Jam submitted by Nicole Dewez ofSunny Bunny Balloons, out of Rossmoor CA!

Filled with bright colors and stylish summer decor, this celebration is sizzlin’ for sure!

So cool off and take a bite out of these “pop”-in’ details that are out of sight:

  • Summer Balloon Install
  • Customized Hot Pink Gift Bags
  • Popsicle Cart
  • Number 5 Balloon Mosaic
  • Personalized Happy Birthday Yard Sign

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Vintage Butterfly Garden Party

Vintage Butterfly Garden Party on Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com (16)

Flap your wings and take flight this Vintage Butterfly Garden Party by Oguzhan Mumcu of partiavm, out of Trabzon/Turkiye, is quite the delight!

Featuring a charming garden venue fit with sensational butterfly signage and flitting details, this event is absolutely magical!

So scroll on and look around and be sure to spot these incredible party elements along the way:

  • Vintage Butterfly Party Signage
  • Burlap and Lace Linens + Party Tables
  • Hanging Mason Jar Floral Arrangements
  • Flowing Tulle Dessert Table Skirt
  • Planted Flower Favors in Burlap Sacks

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